About Apex Juris

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing focused and vigilant legal representation in every phase of business and product development—from hatching to maturity. To that end, our mission is to procure the broadest scope of patent, trademark, copyright, and media rights to optimally protect our clients’ innovations and creations while applying business acumen to structure entities and ventures to strategically market and distribute relevant products and services worldwide. In so advocating our clients’ proprietary and business interests, we are driven to provide professional, honest, timely, cost effective expertise which consistently and proactively promotes our clients’ interests and objectives.

About Apex Juris

We chose the title Apex Juris because it literally means “the highest point of law” and our desire is to provide our clients with the best service available anywhere in order to attain that highest point.

Apex Juris provides legal services mainly in the areas of patents, trademarks, copyrights, professional technical translation, validity opinion letters and patentability opinions. One of our most prominent goals is to provide seamless, comprehensive, integrated service for filing and prosecuting intellectual property applications. This goal works two ways. First, we work with U.S. and overseas clients wishing to obtain U.S. patents and secondly we work with U.S. and overseas clients wishing to obtain patents in countries other than their home country. We work with associates all over the world in order to make this process as simple and efficient as possible.

Good communication is the key to attaining mutual understanding and satisfaction. For that purpose, our attorneys travel extensively to meet face to face with clients to insure all their needs are being met and further to eliminate questions and misunderstandings before they become problems. Our client base is broad and diverse and we work with clients of all sizes. Everyone from the solo inventor through the global corporation is important to us and each receives special treatment. We are your international legal team. Beyond the procurement of the patent, we assist inventors in getting their product into the market. Many inventors don’t know what to do with the patent after it is issued or how to turn their patent into money. We assist in all forms of marketing, locating manufacturers, licensees or joint ventures. After all, the goal of patenting is to bring inventions into the public domain; or in other words, to provide technology to the people.

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